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Game: Ugandan Knuckles Battle Royale
Version: 1.0
Root needed:  No
Playstore Link: Link

MOD Feature(s): 
- Get 9999 Gold [Mod menu]
- Flash Mod [Speed mod][Mod menu]

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UGANDAN KNUCKLES BATTLE ROYALE is an master copy ugandan ONLINE activity game where you lot convey to detect DA WAE to win! Fight against the other KNUCKLES, expect for simply about items as well as gear to rest live as well as survive!
In this game you lot tin play Team Matches, Solo Fights, Defenders vs. Attackers game, Ugandan Zombie Mode, as well as much more! There are fifty-fifty Vehicles, Tanks as well as Turrets!
There is too SURVIVAL ISLAND trend for long play crafting as well as edifice experience!

Jump into the action! Search the area! Find the best weapons for you: Assault AKM Rifle, GKM Rifle, Shotgun, Bazooka, Flamethrower as well as other weapons. Dominate the battlefield yesteryear taking on each opponent as well as move concluding 1 standing! Grab your pixel gun as well as initiatory of all shooting!

Use HAMMER to construct walls, stairs, floors as well as ladders! Modify your surroundings at your advantage! Build your ain castle as well as move the Royale King! In this game you lot tin exercise your ain base of operations along amongst your friends!

Play the unique SURVIVAL ISLAND mode! Spend countless hours on crafting, gatering resources, fishing, harvesting, mining as well as planting! Plant your ain crops, grab fishes, assemble debris from the isle as well as job it to arts and crafts your home! Construct countless objects, including torches, chests, chairs, beds, cookers as well as much more!

YOU WILL NOT KNOW DA WEY until you lot play this game!

Never live bored! Play as well as chat amongst friends inward the actually DE WAY style!

Our game features:
— Online And Offline Game Types
— Pixel & Blocky Graphics
— Many Different Game Modes
— Team, solo, zombie as well as deathmatch games
— Survive Gun Game Against Other Players
— 100% Free - no particular purchases needed
— Crafting amongst Ugandian Recipes
— Inventory, Backpack, Equipment
— Many items amongst dissimilar functionality
— Many weapons
— Various Ugandan Skins
— Ugandan Air Drops
— Ultra Sonic Gameplay Pacing
— High Quality Graphics
— Support for upward to 64 Players
— Special Game Mode: BATTLE ARENA amongst many MAPS
— Bonus Extras: Flying, Invisibility, Power Jump, Super Speed
— Two maps for Tank Attack Game Mode
— Three Difficulty Levels
— Two types of Air Drop
— Fast Play Button (Creates a random game)
— Daily Rewards
— Body armor items, including diverse helmets
— Queen Support Extras (She helps you lot fight)
— … as well as many, many more!

See you lot on the way! Let's play inward the existent VR Chat style!

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